Why Ice-T is Awesome

An ordered list for a sunny Tuesday afternoon:

  1. Cool nickname? Check.
  2. Music career? 8 solo albums and 4 with Body Count.
  3. Acting career? Spans 28 years and includes Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo and 10 years on Law & Order: SVU
  4. Military career? Check: four years in the Army.
  5. Literary career? Check: one book, with another forthcoming.
  6. Much younger wife with a ludicrous booty? Check [maybe NSFW].
  7. Gets to hang out with Richard Belzer aka John Munch
  8. 78,000+ people tune in to his often hilarious tweets.
  9. Overall a pretty fly dude.

A short list of things that make me happy

Law & Order of all flavors
Vosges chocolate
skirts with pockets
reading the paper in bed with coffee and my Bee
working with instructors
the Farmers Market
rainy days (if I don’t have to go anywhere)
fast rides to work on yellowbike
real mail
movie theater popcorn
tiny Sid and Basil
sleeping in
good news for friends
my new Queen Bee bag
cute pajamas
ginger ale

On the spur of the moment (at the spur of the moment?), I booked a flight for a long weekend in New York City in May. I’ll be there May 24-29. I’ve never been before, so I’m very excited. The main things I’m looking forward to are walking around, tea on Carrie’s roof, Central Park, perhaps a show at Lava, pretending I’m on Law & Order, and Gridskippers’s coke bars. OK, not the last part.

But seriously, where should I go, what should I do, and how can I keep it as cheap as possible?

I’m just not focused on school these days. I don’t know if it’s the weather or just being tired or spring break-itis or just the relief of finally making a decision. I have a lot I should really be doing before we leave for Boston on Saturday, but that just ain’t happening tonight. TOMORROW, tomorrow I will do more work. I swear.

On an entirely unrelated note (I swear), what’s this about an uncertain future for Law & Order? Say it ain’t so!

two thoughts (make that three)

I’m totally cool with non-stop Olympics coverage – especially when the coverage is as spectacular as Michael Phelps’s abs and Paul Hamm’s amazing come-back from falling on his butt and the women’s relay race where all the girls were screaming and the swimmer was ahead of the “world record line” (which is so freaking cool to begin with). The only flaw in this whole system is that non-stop Olympic coverage means no Law & Order. And that’s just sad.

However, for your reading pleasure, I provide Spider-Man 2: Webslinger or Weblogger?. It’s a good time.

Addendum: if you happen to have four sons and one daughter, do NOT name them all the same thing. I just worked a family with five Daniels (including the dad) and one Danielle. I’m sorry – that’s just wrong.

A long week already

Let me just tell you that closing-opening-closing-opening will wear on you. I worked 6-12:30 Sunday night, then went out for drinks for Kim’s birthday, meaning I didn’t get to bed until 2ish. Monday I worked 8:30-5:15, watched a few minutes of kickball, then worked 6-12:30, THEN took my car into the shop, getting to bed again around 2. Tuesday I worked 8:30-4, and then, by the grace of Ron, went home at 4 and took a nap. Yawn. I needed it. This is how two jobs will wear me down – not with the busyness, but with the physical exhaustion.

I gave my unofficial notice at work on Monday. I was worried that they’d be super pissed, but Mandy said she was expecting it – they called to check my reference last week. My last day at the bank will be June 4 – and I couldn’t be more pleased. Will I be sad to leave here? No. Will I miss the people I work with? Some of them. Will I miss my customers? Probably. But it’s fine. The ones I really like I can still visit.

I had my pre-employment physical at Carle this morning – I forgot to drink anything, so they had a wicked time finding my veins, but I survived. It will be strange going from being a face to a number again, but the anonymity is good too.

Finally got my car fixed. Shawn and I dropped it off Monday night after work – that was a debacle. I had misheard or misread the name of the service center, so in the middle of the night we were driving around looking for G&K service center, not TK. We eventually found it, and we picked the car up last night. My car is so much happier with the new belts, and I’m happier because it didn’t cost as much as I thought it would.

24 was freaking great last night – I can’t believe there’s only one episode left! There are rumours of a fourth season in the works – that would be interesting, but they need to get some fresh faces. At least certain people are dead and deffo won’t be around again…

Right now I feel a little like shit, and a little like my head might explode. My seasonal allergies have been punching me in the face, and the long hours and short sleeps haven’t helped. It usually goes this way – my allergies act up, then I don’t take care of myself, then I get dehydrated, then I get sick. I’m hoping to nip this one in the bud, though.

I’ve been reading a lot, though not as much as I’d like. I need to post to the book club site soon, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I did, however, complete one of my resolutions by finishing The Chronicles of Narnia.

A few odd moments lately – moments of joy and depression, of separation and remembrance. Eva’s first anniversary was a year ago Monday, and that was strange for me. Monday night Sarah and Hannah and Shawn came to see me at work – watching them play games and read and laugh together apart from me made me feel like I was watching their life before I was a day-to-day part of it – the time together with friends, when the three of them were so very close. How much has changed in a year. And there have been times of intense happiness in the last week, and times of intense depression. I’m hoping the job change will alleviate some of the stress that has been causing the depression, but it’ll take more than that to fix everything. And maybe wisdom is learning when it’s best to just live with the unfixable.

For now, though, it’s almost time to go home. Tonight is the last episode of regular man’s Law & Order with Jerry Orbach, so that’s a definite must-see. I just want to relax and not think about money or goings-away or my body for a bit. I think that’s an OK request for the night.


There are two obnoxious small children at the computer next to mine. About every 2-3 minutes they will yell for the librarian (or at each other). As far as I can tell, the only reason they’re using the computers is so they can watch cartoons. Somehow going to the library to watch cartoons seems to be missing the point.
Work’s OK. It’s a job. I need to get more practical shoes – my wicked sexy interview shoes (OK, maybe they look like they belong to a Pilgrim) just aren’t practical for hours on my feet. A few more days in training, then on to the campus branch and my real job. I would say it will be interesting, but I have little faith in that.
My wall projects are awesome. I will post photos when I can, I promise. I made a makeshift memo board out of my entire living room wall – it doesn’t look as nice, but it’s definitely fun. And then there’s the postcard wall which makes me smile with its radiant weirdness. Up next, the wall of mirrors.
The Matrix Reloaded came out today, which is HOT HOT HOT. Now if only I can find a free DVD player….
Not much else to report, I guess. There’s so much in my life right now but I’m at a loss as to where to begin. Still no phone at home – I’ve decided to tell AT&T to take a flying leap and have signed up for digital cable instead. We’ll see how that works out. Should be a quiet week – nothing on the books til my meeting with NaNo Robby on Friday and the Celebration of Meat with Sarah this weekend while Hannah’s away. Last week was very full – dinner with Sarah and Shawn on Tuesday at my place. Dinner at Sarah’s Wednesday, then drinking coffee and reading until late late. Dinner with Hannah and the MFA poetry reading Thursday. Moonstruck meeting with NaNo Robby, reading, then random Bento boxes with Shawn Friday night (including the largest shrimp ever) followed by lovely hanging out, Dirty Pretty Things and Pulp Fiction. Saturday was gorgeous and unstructured – Jen and Joe and Russ and IBM in for the party – wandering around my sunny neighborhood, then dinner and the party and random head explosions. A Super Bacon Chicken Burger at the Happy Wanderer with Shawn Sunday, then pathetic begging as I had no hot water – somehow got suckered into watching my first Law & Order episode as well – playing with House of Leaves til late and not waking up alone. Monday a day of freedom and blues, then back to work.