Day 4: An Evening of Leisure

I’ll just come right out and say it: we’re not good at relaxing. We’re good at doing nothing. We’re good at procrastinating. But we’re not good at relaxing. We went to the beach a couple of years ago and managed 15 minutes of sitting by the ocean before we got bored and reverted to walking around and eating boardwalk food.

All of this is to say that I wasn’t expecting to spend an afternoon on the beach after our morning of hiking. We had lunch. We splashed around in the lake. We laid on the beach and read. We went back in the lake. We laid on the beach until our suits dried out. I finished an entire issue of Vanity Fair. Shane finished The Corrections, which he’s been working on since the fall. We laid on the beach for the entire afternoon.

Before heading back to the campsite, we walked the Tumbled Rocks trail. While we walked, a woman swam across the lake.

Purple Quartzite

Not so much hiking as walking

Devil's Lake

Dinner at the campsite: New Glarus Belgian Red, picked up at the Ice Age Campground store, and local kielbasa with Brussels sprouts – a good German dinner.

Belgian Red

Honest Wisconsin Dinner

Not content to turn in, we left the park for a round of miniature golf at an only marginally maintained course nearby. Seriously, it was basically the worst course ever. I’m certain that’s the reason I spent so much time in the rough.

Teeing up

1005 Brussels Sprouts and Kielbasa

I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve felt really off my game since getting back from San Francisco.  I’m not motivated to cook, but then I’m frustrated with the poor food choices I make instead. Now that we’re both home and both feeling better, I’m determined to get back on track with both cooking and eating.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Chips
Photo by mkosut

Dinner tonight was the first stab in that direction. I halved a pint of Brussels sprouts and sauteed them with butter and garlic until golden, then added a turkey kielbasa, sliced crosswise into bite-sized pieces. The kielbasa was already fully cooked, so it only needed about five minutes to go warm and crisp at the edges. While all of this happened in one skillet, I prepared some Israeli couscous to bulk out the meal and ensure that we’d have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Polska Kielbasa
Photo by tombothetominator

Holy delicious, you guys.  Turkey kielbasa packs most of the flavor of the traditional recipe, but with fewer calories and a lot less grease.  When paired with the Brussels sprouts, you get a hearty and filling dinner – that also manages to be pretty healthy.  We’ll be making this again.