I’m taking a temporary hiatus.

SB and I have started a blog to track our adventures in our new city. The template is pretty ugly right now, but the content should hopefully be entertaining. Add http://www.outpost505.com to your reader of choice to keep updated on our adventures and the things we deem post-worthy.

Missing you all greatly.

It’s very late (for me) and I’m very tired, but before I fall over, I had to post this, which is a terribly charming idea. I bought a v 20’s inspired little black dress today, and the idea of attending a Gatsby picnic is awfully appealing.

I used to religiously read Moby’s blog back in my banking days, comparing notes with my coworkers who also religiously read his blog. This was in 2001, before everyone had a blog, so it was quite novel to read quirky, fun, unorthodox, totally normal thoughts and reflections from a very famous person. I forgot how much I loved Moby until I went to Teany when I was in New York (go, seriously, it’s totally charming).

The following is a perfect example of why I love Moby:

98% of respondents would not choose to be a vampire.
reasons given:
a-immortality seems lonely
b-the sun is nice

2% of respondents would choose to be a vampire.
reasons given:
a-immortality seems excellent
b-vampires seem to be pretty excellent, too

i have to say that i fall into the 2% category.
not sure how i could reconcile vampirism with veganism, though.
my friend conchetta did ask a good question.
basically: what if immortality doesn’t involve personal jet packs and unlocking the secrets of dna and food in pill form, but rather involved a blasted, desolate earth with only cockroaches and pigeons for friends?
i guess then you have to learn to love cockroaches and pigeons.
maybe assemble an unholy army of the living dead(who just happen to be cockroaches and pigeons. see, someone should make a zombie movie involving bugs. ‘zombie bugs’ is a title that springs to mind, for example.
(‘bug zombies’ also could work.)

I’m having a frustrating sort of week for no real reason other than that I’m tired and ready for the semester to be over, which has put me totally on edge and shortened my usually slow temper considerably. I’ve been listening to The National constantly as I try to trudge through the last of my coursework and attempt to get ahead on work things. I could really use a chatty email or two today to keep me awake and alert and smiling and all of that. Please do your part and tell me what you’ve been up to! brixton [at] gmail [dot] com

I signed up for goodreads. It’s already proved more interesting than LibraryThing. Join up and add me as a friend!

I bought jeans that FIT last night – in a size smaller than the last pair I bought a few months ago. Woohoo! If only I could be so lucky with bras – I’ve tried on approximately 3 dozen over the last two months in a variety of sizes, cuts, and stores, and nothing fits. Augh.

I also bought a rack and grocery carriers for yellowbike yesterday. The farmers’ market starts in a little over two weeks, and I can’t wait! SB, El, and I rode in Critical Mass on Friday – lots of people, good weather, a nice time.

SB bought me my very own Mr. Bento this week, and I’ve been inspired to make fun, healthy lunches. After a long few months of Lean Cuisines, it’s fun to have fresh fruit, salads, and other small things in fun containers. I’ve been documenting my meals on Flickr, along with 500+ other people.

I was going to say something else here, but I can’t remember, and I’m sure it’s because I have brunch stuff roasting in the kitchen, and a pile of books staring down at me. I hope everyone’s well, and that I’ll be slightly less scatterbrained in a week or so.

Browser wars

I upgraded to the newest version (1.1) of Camino last week. It was fast and pretty but crashed about every half hour, which is no good as most of the work I do is on the web, and all other Mac browsers just pale in comparison. I retro-graded (back-graded? down-graded? un-graded?) yesterday to 1.0.4, and I have to say, I’m missing the little spell-check already. Camino, don’t let me down!

My house didn’t sell. The local newspaper didn’t run the ad, so the auction was rescheduled for January 3. I suppose the good news is that the sale won’t affect this year’s taxes. The bad news is that once again, my hopes were buoyed by the idea of getting the house sold before auction, which is just clearly not possible. So, I’m no better or worse off than I was a couple of days ago.

On the bright side, I finished NaBloPoMo. So that’s something.

What’s up with you, Internets?

LDB: New and improved and ready for prime time! Earlier in the year, around the time that I figured out that WordPress could handle private vs public posts, I determined that the time had come to clean this place up. I’ve been blogging for almost five years, so it took a long time, but I think I’m pretty much done. A long time ago, I wondered aloud about what privacy online meant. Several years later, I study these things. Five years ago, I had a crappy Geocities site and a job that I hated that I blogged about. Now I have my own domain and a job I love that I blog about. Things are very different now, and this site hopefully reflects it.

Two questions for you, oh Internet friends

1. Yesterday I wore an emerald green above the knee A-line wool skirt that belonged to my aunt when she was in high school and college. I love this skirt and would be exceedingly happy if I could own it in every color of the rainbow. Does anyone have an above the knee A-line skirt pattern they particularly love? I get really overwhelmed whenever I start looking.

2. What blogs do you guys read every day or so? I have a few new favorites, but I’m kind of interested in other people’s reading habits right now.