After a terribly unproductive weekend, I took today and tomorrow off as “sick” days – really because I need to put together the final project for my C&I class so that I can enjoy Pitchfork and Chicago this weekend without (too much) guilt.

In case you’re curious, my final project involves writing a curriculum for the workshops taught by my office – incorporating the existing offerings as well as workshops targeting growth areas identified by a few of our faculty members. There are two awesome things about this project: it’s something I can directly apply back to my work, and it ties in nicely with the final project for one of my other classes, in which I will be completely reworking one of the workshops. The overwhelming evidence we’ve been getting back from our workshops is that folks just aren’t learning the things we’re trying to teach – instead, they’re learning that they can just go to the Help Desk and someone there will spend hours going over a project with them. We’ve kicked around a bunch of ideas, but haven’t actually gone forward with many improvements. I’m hoping that this project will jump-start this process!

Right now, though, I have an iced coffee and blurry eyes to contend with before I can get anything done.