A Series of Annoying and Inconvenient Events

1. The switch for the ceiling heater in our bathroom finally got all the way stripped this morning, leaving me in a panic about our apt burning down while I was at Computers in Libraries.

2. Wireless at Computers in Libraries was just about the worst I’ve experienced at a conference or professional meeting.  Please take a moment to reflect on the irony if you will.

3. Wireless at Starbucks, however, works beautifully, thanks to my newly purchased Starbucks Gold card.  Yes, I went there.  The mental health savings today made it entirely worth it.

4. I get to my presentation space.  No wireless.  A curtain barely conceals the door to the loading dock, through which a strong breeze is escaping.  I plug in my flash drive, and my presentation is corrupted and/or can’t be opened.  I save another copy on my laptop, put it on the flash, plug the flash in, file has some weird incompatibilities.  I upload the file to Slideshare from the presentation laptop thinking it’s a compatibility problem.  No luck.  I upload the file to Google Docs.  File is corrupt.  I open the file on my laptop, print as PDF, and then open the PDF on the presentation laptop.  FINALLY.

5. 7 people come to my presentation.  This is not a technology problem, but it is a bit annoying, especially since I gave one of the best presentations of my professional career.

6. I leave the conference in order to go straight home to attend my LEEP class.  I hustled from the disco shuttle to run to the train, then run to the bus, then hustle the few blocks from the bus home, getting there 10 minutes late, which isn’t bad considering the amount of hustling involved.

7. And then, after 3 minutes of connectivity, our network drops out.  Cue the hysterics.

8. Shane texts to say he’s going to Buzz to work on his presentation.  Instead he picks me up and we BOTH go to Buzz, where the wireless immediately flakes out.

9. I finally, finally get what seems to be a stable connection just in time for the mid-session break.  At least now I have a cookie and a coffee and I don’t have to run anywhere for a while.


If the economy keeps up like this, one of my resolutions will be easy to keep.  Domino has announced that it is folding (or perhaps has already folded), which makes the “do I renew my subscription just because it’s pretty?” question a whole lot easier.

Also, because I’m having a grumpy day, I bring you this:

Yes, that’s right.  That’s Google with rainbows, unicorns, and a slice of bacon.

Grumpy pants

I thought I was going to get out the door on time, but was waylaid by prepping the marinade for dinner that took omg longer than I expected.  Thank goodness for SB giving me a ride, and I guess at least we’ll have dinner almost ready when we get home.

We changed our IM staffing model this morning, and the person who was supposed to relieve me at 1pm wasn’t seen or heard from until after 2.  The person who attempted to relieve me at 1:30 didn’t have the correct software installation set up.  Therefore, I was chained to my desk from 11-2, roughly, except for the times when I was running around trying to figure out other people’s technology problems and/or helping out at the desk.  This all takes the place of my plans to go to the gym at 1.

I decided to give the coffee man another try.  My coffee tastes burnt.

I still haven’t gotten my reimbursement check from my trip to Denver almost TWO MONTHS ago.

I am a grump.  Grump grump grump.