1028 Fancied Up Sandwiches

Another half-homemade dinner.   While Shane worked out in our basement gym, I zipped up to Plum to do the week’s grocery shopping – Shane will be in Cleveland with the car all weekend – including the components of a grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner.

Tomato Soup
Photo by Arnold Goodway

I used the last of the basil from the garden to make a wee batch of pesto, which I spread, along with a thin layer of cream cheese on two slices of French bread, which were then topped with a few slices of deli ham. Not traditional grilled cheese fare – more like a panini? – but packed with flavor and a great complement to the store-bought tomato soup. I make a mean tomato bisque, which, thanks to the archives, I realize I haven’t made all year, but tonight I was more interested in making a good sandwich.  Given Shane’s grumbles of pleasure, I think I succeeded.  And I also think I need to make tomato bisque soon.


0425 Rainy Day Eats

Today was just – gray.  Gray.  And wet.  And sleepy.  I kept opening the front door to check on the weather, hoping that the rain had let up so that I could run, and then closing the door and pouting.

Shane got home mid-afternoon, exhausted from Dark Lord Day debauchery and from the drive home, and we both crashed out on the couch in front of the Cavs game.  When we woke up, I was totally unmotivated to roast the chicken we’d planned to have for dinner, especially when Shane mentioned that he was craving a grilled cheese sandwich.

I wonder if this is a typically middle-American thing, or if grilled cheese sandwiches and bowls of soup are universal comfort foods.  For me, they’re an essential part of childhood – slices of American cheese peeled from their plastic wrappers, melted between two slices of bread and served with a bowl of Campbell’s cream of tomato soup – and then of my early adulthood, when Eva introduced me to homemade tomato bisque, and when Jeff Perri would stand his sandwiches on end to avoid total grease saturation.

Tonight’s sandwiches were made with a very sharp cheddar and slices of Avalon‘s Rustic Italian bread.  We were too hungry and too impatient to make soup from scratch, so we split a jar of smoky roasted red pepper soup.  Fast, simple, and just right on a rainy night.