1211 Living the Dream

Photo by yosoynuts

Remember when you were a kid and imagined what being a grown up would be like?  Well, today I lived the dream.  I had ice cream for lunch, and pizza for dinner.  Just ice cream – OK, frozen yogurt.  Just pizza.  And I sat on the couch and watched three movies in a row.

Never mind that it was 30 degrees out, and I picked up the (fat-free, topped with fruit) frozen yogurt after a run on snowy roads.  Never mind that I attempted to make the pizza more healthy, with cracker-thin crust and light cheese.  So maybe I was living a grown up version of the dream?

0617 A Convenient Breakdown

IMG_0568, originally uploaded by G3’s Maria.

I ran out of fuel on my moped for the first time this morning. Well, sort of. I was riding down Washington on my way to the office when my moped sputtered to a stop. I hopped off, tried to kick-start it a couple of times, then realized I was probably low on fuel and switched over to reserve.

What does this have to do with food? Well, the same thing happened on my way home from work. I was tired and hungry, having packed a small lunch in anticipation of work donuts that didn’t materialize.  Shane was home and suffering from a caffeine headache.  So when I ran out of fuel right in front of Lab, I took it as a sign that I was meant to have frozen yogurt, and Shane was meant to have coffee.

Lab opened a few months ago in the newly redeveloped McKinley Town Centre on Liberty.  We have both really enjoyed their selection of Intelligentsia coffees served pour-over, but it was stupidly hot today, so I grabbed an iced coffee for Shane, and a coconut frozen yogurt for me, which I ate on the sidewalk while waiting for Shane to come rescue me with the gas can.  With excellent coffee, a rotating line up of froyo flavors, ample seating, and Washtenaw Dairy donuts and other tasty baked goods on offer,  I can see Lab becoming a regular stop for us, and not just when we’re out of gas.