I can’t imagine living in the middle of nowhere, but I can…

I can’t imagine living in the middle of nowhere, but I can imagine having this much light and space.  Love.


Good Things: Wednesday Edition

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and a little under the weather.  I’m trying not to wallow in either, though, because neither is particularly productive.  Instead, a list of good things from this week!

  • We bought this blender and it’s kind of really awesome.  We used to have a blender, then sold it a few years ago because we never used it.  I spotted this one in the Crate & Barrel catalog, and was sold on it when we played with the components at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime, it arrived in 2 days, and Shane has already blended 2 things with it.  Hooray!
  • It’s totally gorgeous out – 64 and sunny – and my new window bump office was nice and warm in the afternoon sunshine.
  • My photos from Amber came in the mail today and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!Only 3 weeks left in the semester!  That means a fair amount of grading, but also the imminent return of guiltless free time!
  • This time next week I’ll be on a mini-break with five of my best ladies (and two of their adorable progeny).
  • And OH YES, our first wedding anniversary is Sunday.  Happy almost one year to us!

Things I Love Thursday #3

  • Getting dressed with the lights on! Shane’s out of town, so I don’t have to worry about disturbing him.
  • Related: listening to NPR while getting ready for work.
  • 3 dishes out of one sweet potato!  Baked for dinner last night, leftovers for lunch today, and the remainder for sweet potato biscuits tonight or tomorrow.
  • MI-5.  I wasn’t sold on the first episode, but the second hooked me.
  • The Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop, which is full of all kinds of randomness.
  • Attempting to bring order to the chaos of our basement. I don’t know if it’s working, but I’m trying.

1014 Pizza Thursday

Whoever decided that Thursday night was a good night for a solid TV lineup was on to something.

Thursdays are kind of the no man’s land of the week – moreso even than Wednesday, in my opinion.  On Wednesday, you’re solidly in the work week mode.  You’ve had two days of getting up early and coming home tired to shake you out of your weekend relaxation.  By Thursday, though, the weekend is within reach – but you’re eating leftovers because you’re not quite to payday or Friday’s happy hour or Saturday’s trip to the farmer’s market.  You’re running out of clean socks, and the detritus of the week is cluttering up the table.

I feel overwhelmed when I have plans or responsibilities on Thursday nights.  It’s one reason I stopped volunteering as often at SELMA.  If we’re having weekend guests or going out of town, we need to make sure that the house is clean, the bags are packed, the garden has been weeded, and the gas tank is full.  If one of us is leaving for the weekend while the other stays home, we like to go on dates.  And even if we’re staying put and not entertaining, by the time Thursday rolls around I am usually wiped and want nothing more than to sit on the couch.

My mom is coming up from Rockford this weekend, so tonight we needed to get the house ready for her visit.  The 80 degree days of early October have finally abated, so I needed to dig out the sweaters and put away the sundresses.  Our friends are chefing at SELMA this week, so Shane wanted to help them prep.  And we were both tired, so we ordered a pizza.  And that’s just fine.

elements of a nice weekend

– Red Ink, a soft grassy sheep’s cheese, Appenzeller cheese, and jamón ibérico (!!!!!!). The jamón was a birthday gift from Shane, and oh what a gift it was. We have a bit more in the fridge, and I plan to savor it at some point this week. Some girls get chocolate for their birthdays – me, I get expensive Spanish ham.
– brunch at the Corcoran, which wasn’t all that exciting in and of itself, but it was a very nice atmosphere and I enjoyed the souffle.
– the always reliable veggie options at the Hut.

– one more opportunity to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Corcoran. Our memberships paid off today when we didn’t have to wait in line for the sold out show. The galleries were packed with people, so the exhibit lacked some of the intensity of our first visit, but I’m awfully glad we went again.
– staying in to watch Helvetica and Paris, je t’aime, two very different films but both quite good.

home life:
– our new sofa arrived on Saturday and promptly exerted its dominance over our living room. I showed it who’s boss by taking a nap on it later.
– meeting a new friend at the Arlington Animal Shelter. She can’t possibly replace Sid in our hearts or memories, but she will Basil on his toes and the two of us in stitches. We’re hoping to bring her home in a few days, once she’s healed from her spaying and they’ve made sure that no one is going to come claim her.
– lots of quality time with SB. The last few weeks have been very hard, and very tiring, and it was wonderful to have a lot of lazy downtime together.


– Tonight we were starving after the gym and so resorted to ordering empanadas from Manolo’s Pizza and Empanadas. Between the two of us, we tried the following: San Telmo Jamon, San Telmo Carne, Cheese & Corn, Roasted Chicken (2), and Mushroom Thyme. All were excellent in different ways, and we’re looking forward to trying other options.

– It’s incredibly wonderful to come home from work at 5pm and not have to do anything school-related. I should be working on my presentation for next week’s interview, but not YET.

– Sid has been exceptionally talkative. We suspect that it is because we (Basil too) keep sitting in her spot.

– Tonight we played putt putt with Jimi and Karin, who has just returned from Colorado. I’m TERRIBLE at putt putt but had a delightful time nonetheless. It makes me sad that we started hanging out with the two of them so late in the game.

– This weekend we went to TWO movies: The Bourne Ultimatum and Stardust. Ahh, delicious air conditioning.

– Shane is on the phone with his mom, which means that we are not playing Lego Star Wars, which makes me sad.

Good things: Saturday edition

So far this weekend:
– I took a two hour nap.
– SB and I met Keem for dinner at Farren’s, which has redeemed itself in my estimation after a few lackluster visits. I had tacos.
– SB and I went to Borders for a while. I bought a book and a magazine, and grudgingly decided to subscribe to Blueprint, the latest in the Martha Stewart suite of lifestyle magazines. It’s really fabulous, guys.
– Trip to the farmers’ market yields lodi apples (for grandma’s applesauce), rhubarb (for a crumble and/or jam), and tiny radishes. Add in a Mexican brioche and a little pastry snack from Mirabelle, and it makes for a lovely shopping trip.
– Yoga with SB. The class was slower than I really enjoy, but it was stretchy, tough in parts, and relaxing.
– Leftover spring rolls from the 4th = mmmmm.
– Right now, possibly as I type this, Sonya and Jason are gettin’ hitched!