0110 Ice Cream Cake

We had dinner at Amy and Adam’s tonight to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. Dinner was a salad with homemade Caesar dressing, a Moosewood cauliflower casserole vastly improved by the addition of cheese, garlic, more veg, and sausage, and homemade bread.  Everything was excellent – hearty and delicious food for a cold winter’s night.

And an ice cream cake. A thing of beauty, that ice cream cake. Amy brought it out from the freezer and set it at the center of the table to thaw a bit, a wait that was tantamount to a violation of the Geneva Conventions for her three year old daughter, who had earlier been jumping up and down in the kitchen cheering for the cake.  I understood exactly how she was feeling.  Once sliced, the cake proved to have a perfect cake to ice cream ratio, all wrapped in silky chocolate ganache.  Removing the cake from the table resulted in unending tears – and again, I could totally understand.