Things I Took Pictures Of While In Denver

Things I took pictures of while in Denver:

CouchSurfer Max’s ceiling (while he slept)
A beautiful airport

A not-so-beautiful airport
Ballpark food
Baseball dinner
Strange buffalo
Surprise Buffalo
Trains (from a train)
Union Pacific

Things I did not take pictures of while in Denver:

  • Linda
  • CouchSurfer Max or seatmate friend Taylor (Tyler? the world will never know.)
  • My walk to/from the light-rail
  • the giant demon horse or the big blue bear
  • myself with any of the above
  • the mall where Linda and I hung out
  • any of my myriad fast food meals (oh my aching tummy) at the airport
  • mountains (well, ok, not enough photos)

I enjoyed my very brief visit to Colorado, and definitely would like to go back again.  Denver struck me as a strangely large, but rather nice city – one I would like to know better, though I suspect that were we to live there, we’d need to live downtown to have the lifestyle we’d like.  Somehow that seems to be a theme with us.  SB has described Colorado as basically his dream state – and this sight unseen – so I imagine we’ll be there more in the future, especially with Linda, Jeremiah, and their menagerie beckoning!

Things I did today

Denver edition:

  • woke at 5am, tossed and turned, took pictures of my CouchSurfer Max’s ceiling
  • was showered, dressed, and on my way to the light rail by 6:30am (the time for which I’d set my alarm)
  • light-rail to the ‘burbs, breakfast w/random GSLIS grads
  • opening plenary, 1st session, nerves setting in
  • lunch w/David
  • first conference presentation ever! entitled: “Okay, This is Just Too Weird: Identifying Outreach Opportunities in Facebook” and coming soon to an institutional repository near you
  • climbed on a rock to take pictures of the mountains
  • 3rd session (not as interesting as advertised)
  • light-rail back to downtown, drop off stuff at Max’s, walk back to the 16th St Mall and then to Coors Field
  • bleacher “rock pile” seats for $4 to watch the Rockies vs. Nats.  Add 1 Blue Moon ($6.50) and 1 chicken sandwich and you get 1 happy E.
  • leave after the 6th inning out of sleepiness, walk back to Max’s with a stop for airplane snacks.
  • Fin.