Let me talk for two minutes about my new coffeemaker.

After having really excellent coffee in Iowa City and at Sasha and Stef’s, I’ve spent several months lusting after the Chemex coffee maker at the Walnut Street Tea Company (which is also where I get chocolate, tea, spices, coffee, and snacks, but those are all subjects for other posts). This weekend, knowing we were going to have a small brunch today, I bit the bullet and bought the 8 cup coffee maker. I’ve been trying to make more coffee at home to save money (and the embarrassment of going to Espresso more than once a day), so investing in good beans and a good coffee maker always seems worthwhile. I’ve been using our small French press, but it’s really too small to make more than one cup – or coffee for more than one person.

I digress.

We made our third pot with the Chemex this morning, and it was fantastic. It takes longer than the French press or the regular drip coffeemaker, but the coffee was also more flavorful and rich – plus the aesthetic value of the coffee pot is really high, which somewhat makes up for the time you have to stand over it pouring in the hot water. It seems like we’ve had to use a little more coffee than in the drip coffeemaker, but the coffee has been just wildly better, so it’s worth it. It is also worth noting that when I got up from my nap this afternoon, I poured the last of the coffee (made around 11am) over ice, and it was every bit as flavorful as the hot coffee was four hours previously.

Long story short: I’m quite pleased with this purchase, and if you come over for breakfast, I’ll make you some excellent coffee to prove it.