So last night SB and I had dinner at Henrietta’s Table near Harvard Square. I really want to do more eating close to home, so the fact that they listed the sources for their meats and veggies was really appealing. I ordered duck – because really, how often can you get free range duck? – and SB got lamb. After I ordered and started eating the duck, however, I remembered that we had spent a good part of the afternoon looking for the Make Way for Ducklings ducks on the Boston Common.

I guess it’s a testament to the freshness and quality of the food that I couldn’t bring myself to eat the duck (and barely eat the bite of lamb that SB offered me) because it was too much like the actual animal. In Jamie Oliver’s Italian cookbook, he included some really vivid, bloody pictures of the animals he was about to cook – he said that he included these photos because it’s important to understand and appreciate where your food comes from, how the animals have been treated when alive, and the conditions the meat has been in since the slaughter. Intellectually and morally, I really appreciate this – it’s so much healthier for your body (and in general) to know where your food is coming from.

That said, I actually started crying at the dinner table, and was totally mortified. SB was a good sport, though, and had a fantastic duck-and-lamb dinner, while I had a salad. I told him that if this had happened on a first date, I would’ve never called him again. The moral of this story is that Henrietta’s has really fresh and wonderful food (if less good service), and I’m going to be off meat for awhile.

food guilt?

My body has been, for lack of a better word, wack since we got to Boston on Sunday. My stomach’s been overly sensitive, even to things I’m usually OK eating – dairy, coffee (sometimes a problem, but OK lately), spicy or rich things, etc. We’re on vacation, so we’ve been eating out almost every meal, which means more spicy or rich things, more coffee (than usual), and just generally more of everything than I’m used to. This has led to two things: more upset stomachs, and more food guilt.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve improbably lost ~five pounds. I say ‘improbably’ because the scale has been stuck in the same ten pound range since high school, and I’ve managed to get five pounds below the lowest number mainly through diet and some exercise. Shane Bee keeps telling me that one week of eating worse than usual won’t hurt me too much, but I still feel really bad. It sucks to say this, but I’m somewhat looking forward to going home and eating normally and not hating myself for every special or elaborate meal I have.

That said, we’ve had some great meals:
– North African at Baraka Cafe in Central Square
– Burger and fries (for SB) and a grazing plate at River Gods in Central Square
– Lobster rolls (for SB) at Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge, one of SB’s regular haunts when he worked in Boston
– Lunch at L’Aroma Cafe on Newbury Street in Back Bay, not to be confused with Aroma Cafe in Champaign
– Bagels from Brueggers, which are always good
– Sunday brunch shared with (and cooked by) our CouchSurfing hosts – omelets with turmeric, cheddar cheese, and organic veggies and french toast with cinnamon raisin bread
– Fresh seafood (in chowder and on its own at Freestone’s in New Bedford with Jason


Happy birthday, Basil! When we get back from Boston, we’ll have ice cream cake to celebrate. Not that you’re actually aware that it was your birthday, or what birthdays are. That’s ok!

Having a great time in Boston eating lots of good food, walking a lot, and spending money (augh). Tomorrow morning we’ll head down to New Bedford, where Sonya has promised me whales. Woooah!

OMG so tired. We left Basil Estates at around 9am CDT and arrived in Boston at around 9pm EDT. No cancellations, thank god, and everything was running reasonably on schedule. I slept for a while on the floor at O’Hare. Our CouchSurfing hosts are very nice – we have the guest room, and another CSer is crashing in the living room. I have no idea what we’ll do tomorrow. For right now, though, sleeeeeep