2015 Resolutions

Part of my day job involves making sure that goals are specific and measurable. Here are my attempts at specific and measurable resolutions for 2015:

The fun:

  1. Run a marathon. I really wanted to do this last year, but pregnancy got in the way. I’m planning to run Chicago, with Detroit as my back-up choice.
  2. Read 12 non-parenting books. I read (most of) 17 books last year, but really only finished 12 in their entirety, and the great majority of those were parenting books. I’d like to read more for pleasure this year, but am setting my sights low.
  3. Complete 12 more items on my Chicago Bucket List. I knocked out 17 items last year, and added a few to the original list.
  4. Keep a journal. My grandpa kept a daily journal for years. It often wasn’t much more than the weather (including on the day of my mom’s wedding!), but that’s more than I’ve managed. I’d like to remember more about my baby’s first year than the milestones. I hope this will help.

The practical:

  1. Rebuild my savings. I took 4 weeks unpaid during my maternity leave, and that took a good chunk out of my savings. I’m far short of the recommended 3 months’ of living expenses, and don’t think I’ll get there this year while also reducing debt, but 2 months’ worth of living expenses in savings seems reasonable.
  2. Reduce debt. I wanted to eliminate my credit card debt last year. That didn’t happen; in fact, I’m right about where I was last year, though I’ve paid off two cards. I’d like to cut both my student loan and credit card debt in half this year.
  3. Take better care of my skin. For many, many years, I have done nothing on this front. Moisturizing daily will be a start.
  4. Start flossing. The dentist yells at me about this every time I go, so I need to either start flossing or stop going to the dentist.

Site Shenanigans

I’m doing some major site overhauling over here – fresh WordPress install, cleaning up very old content, etc. I’ve turned off the WP > Twitter plugin and am going to see if I can temporarily disable the RSS feed, but if I can’t – my apologies if you’re suddenly bombed with entries from 2002.

first post

A new look for 2002. I’ve also lost my deep love for poor capitalization. I’m sick of the bullshit, sick of the need for the elaborate, the ridiculously complicated. Criticize my lack of intricate layout if you choose, but this site was never about that. It’s about me, about my thoughts, my feelings, my influences, and in short, that which matters to me. View the links at left, leave some feedback and hopefully depart my site feeling a little more enriched – or at least that the few moments spent here weren’t a waste. Thank you for your time, your visit, and your words. Happy New Year.