0607 Buzz Bakery Love

I was going to tell you about the convenience food I had for dinner tonight after picking Shane up from the airport, but really, you don’t care about that. What you do care about it this:

Buzz Cupcake Love

This morning Shane texted me from DC to say that he was going to Buzz with Mike and Sipes, and did I want anything?  One of everything, please!  Except that would be difficult to carry for the rest of the day in DC, followed by airport security and the flight back to Detroit.  Instead I asked for my two favorite things from Buzz: their ham, cheese, and scallion scone and the Buzz cupcake (pictured above).  I’d show you the scone, but by the time Shane got home, it was a little on the flat side.  Not that I’m complaining.

The Buzz cupcake is the signature cupcake on the Buzz menu – chocolate, with espresso buttercream and a dusting of Oreo crumbs.  The cupcake is much taller than pictured, but I was too excited about this favorite treat to remember to take a picture before I started eating.  The cake is dense and crumbly – so good that I couldn’t let the crumbs that stuck to the paper go to waste.  The frosting was thicker and sweeter than I remembered, but that may have been that by the time I got to the frosting, most of the cake was gone.

Did the Buzz cupcake live up to my memories of it?  Definitely.  Am I glad that the 529 miles between our house and Buzz mean that this and other Buzz treats are sometimes foods? Mostly.  Do I still miss having Buzz in the neighborhood all the time?  Absolutely.



I love living in Alexandria.  Things I love:

  • Taking the train to work and being above ground for part of the ride.
  • Walking to Buzz for coffee and a treat, a quiet night of reading, or a board game with friends.
  • The green!  It’s green everywhere in our neighborhood!
  • Having a neighborhood instead of living in high-rise land.
  • Living a short bike-ride north of Old Town, where there are lots of options for food, window-shopping, and wigs (seriously: two wig shops in the same block!).
  • Taking the train to U Street on Sunday seriously took me 24 minutes.
  • Easy access to DC and Rosslyn via the GW parkway.
  • Running by the river!  I get very distracted by planes taking off and landing, and by sailboats, and by omg hey it’s the river! Right there!

In short: we’re really happy with this move.  Really. Happy.

Getting Caught Up

Hey there.  Long time no post.  How’ve you been?  Busy?  Yeah, us too.  We unpacked the last of the boxes today, so we’re looking forward to a whole lot of the following:

Sunshine Sleepies

Two weeks ago, we made the move from highrise hell to a cute condo north of Old Town Alexandria.  We’re right off the George Washington Parkway, just a hop skip and a jump from the Potomac on one side, and Buzz and Rustico on the other.  The new place certainly has its challenges, including a tiny kitchen (at least when compared to our last two):

New Kitchen

but it makes up for it with sunlight and a washer and dryer and no elevator and trees and quiet neighbors and lots of things for Mina to climb:

Nobody puts Mina in a corner

This weekend I was supposed to be in class Friday night and all day Saturday, but due to a registration snafu, we unexpectedly had an entirely free weekend ahead of us at 5pm on Friday night.  We took advantage of it and went on a date, watched a lot of football, and found farmers’ market treasures on a very hot Saturday:

How much does $4 get you?

8 pounds of peppers for $4!  I roasted most of them while SB relaxed after lugging them (and lots of other stuff) around the market for too long in the sun.  They’ll make for fantastic eating in a few months.

In other news, a frittata miracle occured Thursday night:

Fritatta in the panFrittata out of the pan!

The secret? Amply coating the bottom of the pan with butter, then spraying the sides with non-stick spray. Genius.  Now that things are a bit more settled, I’m hoping that we can get back to more regular adventures – and also more regular blogging – around these parts.  Until then, please make sure you’re registered to vote, and keep cool and out of harm’s way.