February mornings

I sit down at my desk and rub lavender cream into my cold and washing-chapped hands, taking a few deep breaths as if I were settling into a massage at a spa, rather than my workspace in the big kid’s bedroom. I open the shades all the way to maximize natural light. I listen to The Daily while checking my email, and try to make that the only news I consume during the work day.

I have exercised on my lunch hour for the last decade, but it’s even more essential in February, in part because by 11:30, I am FREEZING and need to sweat and/or shower to get my heart rate up. So that happens, either a bundled-up run or a YouTube workout with extra toddler weight.

For lunch, a quick egg, caper, and herb flatbread. Or an assortment of snacks: celery, olives, a wedge of whatever cheese we have this week, homemade sourdough with hummus or peanut butter, chocolate chips and almonds in a little cup. Another cup of coffee for the afternoon, and milk for the toddler before his nap.

After 326 days, it almost feels like these mornings will be forever, but I’m starting to believe that they will not, and so I’m trying to embrace the small moments while I can.


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