A Monday List

10 Hours of Beverages (5:30am-3:30pm)

  1. Water, with day 5 of antibiotics for last week’s mastitis.
  2. Cold brew, letting the grounds drip awhile before leaving the cheesecloth packet in the sink, where it will have hopefully dried out by the time I get home.
  3. Cold water from the office fridge Brita.
  4. Decaf, from a pod, with oat milk. We’re trying to cut costs, and this is a place where I can economize. It’s flavored, maybe chocolate raspberry?, which reminds me of one of my bosses from my very first job. I can’t remember what her strong feelings were about chocolate/fruit coffees, but I remember that she had them.
  5. Decaf, from a pod, not flavored, prepared for my husband, who stopped by with the kids in the afternoon so that I could nurse. They got caught in the rain. He warmed up with coffee. The baby warmed up with milk. The big kid dried off with my random office towel, then drew at my work table. The kids absconded with my afternoon apple.
  6. Cold brew, made last week from a Trader Joe’s coffee bag, with oat milk, and cold water from the office fridge Brita. I washed the morning beverage containers and filled the afternoon beverage containers.



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