This Week’s Reads (February 24, 2017)

How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously – The Atlantic
This is horrible and accurate. While you’re feeling angry at the medical establishment, may I suggest also listening to this three part series on Bad Medicine from Freakonomics Radio? The second episode is particularly relevant, as it discusses the role of women in drug and device trials.

The Sanders/Cruz Debate was the Best Political TV in Ages – Current Affairs
I wish I’d seen this debate, and wish that THE debates were structured more along these lines, requiring candidates to dive deep into issues that matter and allowing voters to get a better sense of the true qualifications of the people in whose hands we’re investing tremendous power.

Reflecting on One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber – Susan J. Fowler
As if you needed another reason to dump Uber, Fowler, a former engineer, goes into great detail about a corporate culture that facilitates and enables sexual harassment by looking the other way if the harasser is a rising corporate star and punishing the victim if she stands in the way of the company’s (or the harasser’s) advancement.


One thought on “This Week’s Reads (February 24, 2017)

  1. Thanks for this. The Atlantic piece was chilling. I think about all the ways I feel the need to be tough. I should remember – that feeling comes from somewhere. And that somewhere is something like, “Don’t write me off because I’m female.” It’s not fair to the people who aren’t writing me off, and it proves very little to the people who already have.


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