This Week’s Reads (February 10, 2017)

A Reporter Explains What Out-Of-Towners Keep Getting Wrong About Chicago Violence – Chicagoist
This felt accurate and true, even in a week when the threat of violence felt very close to home for us.

What Happened to the Great Urban Design Projects? – NYTimes
This was clickbait for me as it relates to urban infrastructure – however, I enjoyed the discussion of the Golden Gate Bridge and of the Atlanta BeltLine, the subject of a book I picked up at Midwinter a few weeks ago.

Super-Ambitious Lake Shore Drive Proposal Would Add Park, Straighten Road – Chicagoist
Speaking of urban design/renewal projects, I’m super excited about the possible changes to Lakeshore Drive and the lakefront, even though they’re a few years off.

Is Obama’s official White House photographer trolling Donald Trump? – The Guardian
I love this.


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