This Week’s Reads (1/6/2017)

In the Dark – APM
I binge-listened to the entire first season of this podcast over the last week. If you like Serial or Criminal or investigative journalism about true crime and police incompetence, this show is for you – though I might recommend NOT listening with good headphones when you’re the only one awake in your quiet apartment and you have your back to the door OR while running by yourself in a wooded area – which is to say that I managed to creep myself out pretty effectively.

‘James Bond of Philanthropy’ Gives Away the Last of His Fortune – New York Times
This is wonderful.

Why Medium Failed to Disrupt the Media – BloombergView
I was skeptical when I read a few months ago that Medium was supposed to be the future of publishing. Turns out that my skepticism was justified.

The Sex Talk I Plan to Give My Kids – Refinery29
The resources linked from this post are excellent.


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