Five Minute Reviews: FitBit Surge

For at least a year, I’ve been looking to replace my not all that trustworthy Garmin Forerunner 305. I kept putting off the purchase because I couldn’t find a watch in my price range that had the features I wanted: specifically, multisport capacity that included cycling.

Enter the FitBit Surge, the new high-end fitness tracker from FitBit. It promised multisport capacity in addition to the step and sleep tracker features available in the previous generation of FitBits. Lots of my friends have FitBits, so I was excited about the ability to compete for steps in addition to the training features. I set aside my Christmas money and waited for the release announcement.

My FitBit Surge came in the mail last Friday, and I happily strapped it to my wrist and started obsessively checking my steps. Here are the things I liked:

  • The watch is slick. It’s not a giant clunky thing, like my Garmin. However, it is on the big side, particularly if you’re not used to wearing a watch.
  • The interfaces for the watch, the mobile app, and the website are clean and easy to use.
  • The silent alarm is great, particularly if you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby.
  • The fitness tracker is easy to operate, even with giant lobster gloves on.
  • The GPS seemed to pick up more quickly than my Garmin, even in Hyde Park.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Multisport does NOT include cycling! !!
  • The heart rate monitor portion poked into my arm uncomfortably.
  • The sleep tracker is not granular enough to give really useful data.
  • I thought the step tracker would update automatically as I walked around; instead, I seemed to have to have my phone on me as well.
  • After 2ish days of wear, I started having small muscle spasms in my wrist in proximity to where the watch sat. NOT GOOD.

So unfortunately, my FitBit Surge is going back! Sorry, FitBit!


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