Chicago Bucket List: Tea with Mom

Technically, this was supposed to be tea at Allium, but when we called to make reservations for a fancy lady tea for my birthday, we were disappointed to learn that Allium’s high tea was only available through the end of December. Too bad I’m a January girl!

So we went with Palm Court at the Drake Hotel – a classic choice.

Palm Court

Mom and I were charmed by the harp, the moms with their wee daughters in fancy dresses, and the delicious finger sandwiches and petits fours. It was a lovely birthday treat, and a great start to tackling my Chicago bucket list.


Sandwiches and Petits fours
Petits fours: pâte à choux swans with hazelnut pastry cream; raspberry Sachertorte; macarons
Sandwiches: cucumber; chicken salad; ham on rye
Cranberry-orange scones; gingerbread madeleines


Cucumber sandwich!


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