2013 Resolutions

  1. No pants in public. Jenny asked how this counts as a resolution since I’m not inclined to wear pants in general. I said it’s like a social smoker quitting smoking for real. No pants in public except those required for specific fitness activities (yoga, running, biking, etc).*
  2. One really big race: either the Chicago Marathon or a triathlon. Despite the adrenaline of finishing the former with Annette, I’m still unconvinced that I need to do it myself. The latter sounds hard but fun. Or “fun”. So maybe I do an Olympic/international tri, and then run Nat in from mile 18. All the adrenaline, none of the missing toenails.
  3. Ride a goddamned motorcycle. This was on my list of things to do in my 25th year. I’m almost 33.
  4. Get out of debt. I also want to build up my savings, but interest rates are higher on credit than on savings, so debt reduction it is.
  5. Leave the country at least once.
  6. Run 1,000 miles and bike 2,000 miles.**
  7. Figure out this career stuff. I can’t be more specific at the moment, but I want to make this happen.
  8. Keep living with my heart wide open.
  9. Be more like Leslie. Always.

*I enjoy that I will not be wearing pants in public, while Jenny generally doesn’t wear pants in private. Opposite/same!
** Special dispensation will be given for this resolutions in case of injury.


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