Vacation Shortlist

Photo by mollshot

I have four weeks’ vacation plus seven discretionary days plus a serious case of wanderlust. Who wants to take a trip?

  1. Yosemite, because parks and bears and outdoorsy!
  2. The Grand Canyon. Eva and I talked about this ages ago, and I sort of forgot that it existed until I saw this post.
  3. Germany to see Linda and Jeremiah and M I L O and my cousins and LARP Ticket to Ride.
  4. Italy, because Dharma and Erin are making it look damned good, and because I’ve never been, and because Jeanne said “Birthplace of the renaissance. And fabulous looking Italian men.”
  5. Spain. Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain. Voy a viajar a Santiago una vez más. Or Granada. Or Ibiza.
  6. Atlanta to visit Paul and eat all the sweet potato biscuits.
  7. Greece for the history and the food and the blue blue blue blue sky and because Lawrence Durrell makes Rhodes and Corfu sound impossibly idyllic.
  8. The Salton Sea. Vince D’Onfrio’s pig nose optional.
  9. New Orleans as I’ve never been much of anywhere in the South, and it seems like this is the place to start.
  10. Costa Rica or somewhere similarly tropical with crabs and monkeys and beaches.
  11. Spa World. According to Abigail: “Why only go to a few places when you can have the rest of the World, Spa World, that is.”

That said, it’s a Sunday morning and my curtains are blowing gently in the breeze and a train just went by and I’m drinking iced coffee, and while it does get better than this, this is pretty damned good.


0 thoughts on “Vacation Shortlist

  1. when are you taking this vacation? i vote for italy, as depending on when you go i might be there too. also, it’s nice there. all of those things/places you listed would be nice.


  2. Pertaining to your potential destinations…

    1. Very high on my list, as well. Must.Get.There.
    2. It’s beautiful. Make sure you see the sun set there.
    3. Germany is lovely, but a bit cool and distant in my taste.
    4. Italy is gorgeous. Go if you can take your time and breathe in the variety the country has to offer.
    5. Spain is outstanding! I was there last year (Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo). Great nights out!
    6. Wasn’t very impressed with ATL. Savannah would be more intriguing, IMO, but friends can make a destination a highlight, wherever they are.
    7. I know nothing about vacationing in Greece.
    8. The Salton Sea is a post-apocalyptic, smelly, creepy pond that reeks of death. I’ve been there. Avoid this place entirely, and head north into the astounding Joshua Tree National Park. Stay at either The Harmony or The Joshua Tree Inn. You can’t go wrong!
    9. New Orleans is the absolute JEWEL of the South. The Garden District Bed and Breakfast puts you right in the middle of the action on Magazine St., while a short stroll to St. Charles will put you on the cable car to the Quarter. Don’t miss Frenchman St. (music clubs, pubs, and grubs galore, w/o the tourists; same on Magazine St.) or Liuzza’s or Cafe De Gas. I could go on and on…
    10. Never been, but heard it’s cool.
    11. Again, times spent with far-away friends are worthy, regardless of the destination. 🙂


  3. Ive been to more than a few of those places… In fact we followed the Lawrence Durrell trail quite a bit and most of them are now decrepit with only tiny remaining charm. Corfu is good as part of a larger itinerary–like a ferry from Italy. Costa Rica is nice for the beach but kind of dull, I’d go to the Dominican Republic instead.

    Everybody’s got an opinion or six… I hope you do go somewhere and enjoy it wherever it is! Don’t forget, free place to stay in Dubai!


  4. I love NOLA, but in summer it’s brutal. Salton Sea can be too–it’s the desert. I liked Salton Sea (and Joshua Tree), but it’s the kind of place I’d suggest going with others.


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