Ten on Tuesday: Great Snacks to take to the Beach

So I may have mentioned that we’re not good at relaxing – particularly relaxing on the beach. We’re just not. So you’ll forgive me when I admit to speculation on this list, as the only snacks we’ve actually taken to the beach are sodas and ice cream.

  1. Ice cream, though I’d suggest buying it at a concession stand rather than bringing it from home.
  2. On a related note, pick up some delicious fried foods: cheese curds, green beans, etc.
  3. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy
  4. Doritos. Do you really need a reason to eat Doritos?
  5. Jelly beans – small and unlikely to get coated in sand.
  6. Sandwiches, preferably carefully wrapped so as to avoid the sand issue
  7. It probably makes sense to eat things that come from the beach, right? Like fish, grilled by the beach?
  8. At all costs, avoid foods that might taste like they contain sand or otherwise have a sand-like texture. I like pears, but not on the beach.
  9. Also avoid sticky foods that will require hand-washing and/or attract bugs.
  10. A cooler full of ice. Granted, this isn’t technically a snack, but it is pretty essential for snack enjoyment.

Ten on Tuesday is a listserv-driven meme thingamagig.


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