Household Habits

We’ve both been getting a good laugh out of this post this afternoon, and have been gently and jokingly exploring our mutual annoying habits.

I am guilty of:

  • not closing the shower curtain
  • not rinsing out lunch containers that previously contained creamy things (yogurt, salad dressing)
  • talking about teeth.  Never talk about teeth around Shane.  Ever.
  • constantly reorganizing, resulting in Shane not knowing where things are
  • leaving lights on
  • leaving stuff (bobby pins, small pieces of trash, sunglasses) in the car door handles
  • accumulating piles of stuff on the kitchen and coffee tables
  • being totally committed to my bookshelf organization even though it makes no sense to Shane
  • tolerating much warmer temperatures than Shane, but being a total baby about the cold – though in my defense, my normal body temperature is at least a degree lower than his.
  • ignoring small pieces of paper or food scraps on the floor

On the other hand, Shane:

  • gets water everywhere when brushing his teeth, washing his face, or doing the dishes.  Basically anything involving a sink will result in water everywhere.
  • accumulates an incredible amount of stuff on his desk and dresser
  • would rather wear every item of clothing he owns than do laundry
  • wipes his hands on his socks, which his brother also does
  • always sniffs the milk carton, even if the milk was purchased and opened yesterday
  • pushes the broom away from him rather than pulling it towards him while sweeping
  • is just generally chore-blind.  It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that other things are more important and interesting most of the time
  • cannot tolerate heat at all, but is annoyingly comfortable in the cold
  • has many good ideas about improving household workflows – except that most of them only pertain to things that I do.

Good thing we have so many redeeming and wonderful traits to balance out all of these mostly minor annoyances, right?

Happy Anniversary to us!


0 thoughts on “Household Habits

  1. Funny that Mark also always sniffs the milk even if he just bought it. And I too constantly reorganize things but that’s not the reason Mark never knows where things are – he wouldn’t know where things were even if I didn’t move them.

    Mark just might regret he shared this post with me – I might just have to copy it sometime! 🙂


  2. I am totally a Shane, rather than an E. I also generate a tremendous amount of water around the sink when brushing teeth/washing face – and I also sniff milk. I can’t help it! I also can’t tolerate heat but can wear a t-shirt in winter and be comfortable. It’s like we’re twins!


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