Frita Fail

What I was supposed to have for lunch at/from Frita Batidos, where my Saturday co-workers and I stopped for a takeout this afternoon:

Tropical Salad: Romaine tossed with tropical fruit, toasted macadamias, shredded coconut, queso secco, red onion, smokey guava vinaigrette & avocado spread.

What I had:


4-6 small leaves of romaine, about 1/4 cup mango, about one teaspoon of coconut, one tablespoon nuts of some sort (not macadamia), and a weirdly thick guava dressing (not pictured). No cheese, red onion, or avocado spread.

I went back and asked for the avocado spread, not having noticed the other missing ingredients, and was given 3 small slices of avocado. I asked if this was the spread, and was told, oh, I thought you wanted avocado. No, I want the spread that’s supposed to be on the salad! A few more minutes’ wait and I was on my way with the assorted avocados.

How much did I pay for this salad? $9 + tax + tip. By my calculations, I could have made the same salad for the four of us – including all the omitted parts – for under $5.  I could have bought a better and more generous salad from Wendy’s for under $5.  Oh Ann Arbor.


0 thoughts on “Frita Fail

  1. Wow, this is bad. Seeing this, I realize that my salad didn’t have cheese either, just the little coconut sprinkles (which I mistakenly thought was cheese). I always have such high hopes for Frita Batidos and it they are so frequently dashed. The ridiculous pricing just makes it sting even more.


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