Why Ice-T is Awesome

An ordered list for a sunny Tuesday afternoon:

  1. Cool nickname? Check.
  2. Music career? 8 solo albums and 4 with Body Count.
  3. Acting career? Spans 28 years and includes Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo and 10 years on Law & Order: SVU
  4. Military career? Check: four years in the Army.
  5. Literary career? Check: one book, with another forthcoming.
  6. Much younger wife with a ludicrous booty? Check [maybe NSFW].
  7. Gets to hang out with Richard Belzer aka John Munch
  8. 78,000+ people tune in to his often hilarious tweets.
  9. Overall a pretty fly dude.

0 thoughts on “Why Ice-T is Awesome

  1. Don’t forget his pivotal roles in Tank Girl — both as a mutant kangaroo/cop, and his work on the soundtrack.


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