It’s a great then when you can knock off an entire new year’s resolution in the first six weeks of the year. For me, that resolution was socks. Knitting socks, that is – though if I’d resolved to buy new cute socks from Sock Dreams, well, I could check that resolution off the list as well.

Sock #1
Sock #1, completed at a Super Bowl party over the weekend.

The pattern is Candide Ragg Socks and Cap, which was generously shared with me by Leah, who also took on sock knitting this winter. I ran into a few problems mostly related to trying to figure out the technique and pattern on my own. I knit the body of the foot inside out – oops. Then I misread the instructions for decreasing on the toe, resulting in a very strangely shaped foot, but nothing I couldn’t quickly fix between bites of brisket taco and omg queso dip.

Sock #2 in progress
Sock #2 in progress

And THEN I forgot to change needles when I started on the foot of sock #2, resulting in a somewhat looser fit. This isn’t a big deal, especially as the socks will probably shrink a bit in the wash. And even if it does turn out to be a big deal, the yarn was cheap, and I can make another pair. Or another pattern. Or whatever.


Regardless, I knit socks! And you should be glad you’re not my husband, because I spent a good part of last night nudging Shane and saying “dude!” and “look at these effing socks!” and “i made socks!”. How awesome is that?


0 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. WOOHOO! SOCKS!!!! SOCKSOCKSOCKS!! It’s absolutely magic – you take some sticks and some string, and wave your hands around in the air for a while, and SOCKS come out! Turning the heel ALWAYS makes me feel smart. Congratulations!


  2. Socks are indeed magical things. Knitting them just seems to make everything better. Funny how you are knitting in one direction, turn a heel and go 90 degrees in another! YAY socks!


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