12 Degrees, M*****f*****

Yesterday I ran more miles than I have run at any one time in more than a year. In 12 degree weather. While it was snowing. True, I was fueled by magical cinnamon rolls, but still!

Ninja gear

A few people have asked what sort of gear I’m wearing to avoid freezing to death out on the streets. Here’s what I wore yesterday – not a precision kit by any means, but enough to keep me from feeling any serious cold for 50 out of 60 minutes outside:

  • Shane’s windproof hat
  • cowl that I knit in August
  • assorted sports-appropriate undergarments
  • long sleeved thermal-type shirt
  • Comet t-shirt
  • Pearl Izumi cycling jacket
  • armwarmers
  • fleece gloves
  • running tights
  • thick white hiking-type socks
  • Nike Frees

And this is what I looked like after running, then discovering that our houseguest had left, locking me out of the house.  I called Shane at the shop, then remembered that the set of keys we were sharing was locked IN the house, not with him at the shop.  And then I climbed in a window.


None the worse for wear – certainly nothing a hot hot shower and a couple of ibuprofen couldn’t fix.  Last week I asked Shane when I became a runner.  He said “I think today”, possibly referring to the fact that I’d been super stressed after work and realized that a good run, despite the cold, would make a world of difference in my mood.  And it did.


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