Winter running, take 1

Winter running is an entirely different animal, you guys.  I make this statement after two true winter runs, so I’m not the most qualified winter runner blogger, but that’s neither here nor there.

First, it’s effing cold.  It was around 25 when I ran at 4:30pm yesterday – that’s -4 to you Celsius people.  That’s about halfway between the temperature of your fridge and your freezer.  After about the first half-mile, my extremities felt like they were in the freezer, while the rest of me warmed up to fridge temperatures – and my head got sweaty under Shane’s super insulated hat (heretofore known as the sweat hat).  I was less bundled up than last weekend, omitting my neck gaiter (which I missed) and a tank top (which I didn’t).  Prior to putting on my jacket, I looked like a ninja and made suitably hilarious ninja poses for Shane’s enjoyment.  Runner’s World convinced me that my lungs weren’t going to freeze, and I kept reminding myself of that when I felt tired and whiney.  The dry air is a bigger concern than the cold, which is why I missed the neck gaiter.

Second, I need to figure out a better route.  I’m interested in trying fartlek training, and in finding 1-2 mile routes that would allow me to do a couple of loops without actually getting far away home in case I fall on the ice.  I mention this because I ran in the neighborhood five days after a heavy snow, and few of the roads were cleared.  The sidewalks were no better.  I’ve heard that running in Yak Trax is the way to go, but I have yet to try it, and as a result spent a good part of my run jumping on and off the sidewalk and very carefully watching where I stepped.

Despite those things, I ran 2 miles in 18 minutes and felt good for 17 of those minutes.  I was cold, shaky, and nauseous when I got home, even after I changed into fresh clothes and ate something.  I did not wipe out on the ice, and I also did not get frostbite.  It was a good start.


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