Internet Friday

A bit of this and that to wrap up the work week:


0 thoughts on “Internet Friday

  1. I am seriously messed up over Delicious. I use it all day, everyday–it’s part of my organizational creative process. I’m not sure if I want to make the leap to pinboard, since I feel like it’s yet another thing I have to suscribe to. I’m trying both Diing and Evernote first, but if they don’t work the way I need them to, I’ll consider switching.

    I have 4,567 bookmarks. I’m pretty sure I lost the tags and notes to all of them. I don’t see why we didn’t have any warning. No email? No notice? Fuck you, Yahoo.


  2. I’d love to hear how you like the delicious alternatives. I’m an ex-furler who’s never loved delicious.

    I think the Sandra Lee haters are lame. I find them equivalent to the library world whiners who are like, “why don’t people know how awesome our highbrow library is?! why do people just go watch reality tv?” Why? Because you’re irrelevant and haven’t made it easy for them. As much as I love Ruhlmann & Tony, no one who has 3 kids and works full time is going to make a french fucking rib roast with marrow butter for dinner. I am sure that the rib roast is more awesome than whatever I’d make but it’s just unreasonable. If those awesome chefs actually made accomplishable shit then they could complain, IMO.


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