Money-Saving Resources

It occurs to me that I should’ve included these links in my last post.

  • punch in your zip code to find coupons available in your area. If you’re doing any holiday baking, it’s worth clicking over to find coupons for spices, shortening, oil, foil baking pans, etc. Note that you’ll have to install a coupon printer, but that it’s the same software used by lots of other discount sites.
  • Groupon: sign up to receive daily emails about deals in your area.  The deals can be hit or miss – I think I’ve purchased 6 in the last 7 months for the 3 cities I follow (6/690, or .8% purchasing rate) – but the ones we have purchased have been awesome.  More about Groupon later.
  • if you do any shopping online, it’s worth checking for discount codes – if codes are available and stackable, that information should be noted.
  • Amazon Subscribe & Save: Here’s where your comparison shopping pays off.  We made a list of the non-perishables that we use regularly, then compared the per-unit price on Amazon with the stores where we normally shop.  It makes financial sense to buy macaroni and cheese, toilet paper, and olive oil in bulk.  It doesn’t make sense to buy granola.  By ‘subscribing’, you’ll often save an extra couple of bucks, and you can cancel your subscription as soon you receive your order.
  • Target shoppers, if you use your Target credit card, you save 5% on all your purchases.  This is only actually a deal if you pay off your card each month, but if you’re working on (re)building credit like I am, it’s worth keeping in mind.

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