1206 The New Austerity

You know what I’m talking about, right?  Thanksgiving was about two weeks ago, and Christmas is coming in just under three.  Hanukkah, replete with gorgeous fried things, started on Thursday.  If you live in North America, as 91.9% of you readers do, chances are very good that you’re right in the middle of six weeks of extravagant eating.  I know.  I’m right there with you.

Unfortunately for all those delicious foods, however, I’d like to fit into my cute clothes when my 31st birthday rolls around next month.  I think Shane would appreciate that too.  After spending an afternoon archiving photos from the last three years, he’s similarly motivated.  So while austerity measures aren’t fully in effect, we are trying to watch what we’re eating while concurrently getting our butts into the basement gym more often.

Tonight was a step in the right direction.  It was cold and we were hungry when we got home, so I made a pot of corn chowder – warm, hearty but not heavy, and full of things that are good for us.  Shane proclaimed that it was the best version of this soup yet!  Later in the evening, he spent some quality time on the cycling trainer, while I made a point of going to bed early in an attempt to recoup some of the sleep stolen from me by Basil’s disruptive bedtime behavior.  We were both hungry later, but we stuck to healthy snacks: toast for me and a protein shake for Shane.

If the new austerity involves big bowls of soup, tasty snacks, and going to bed early, sign me up.


0 thoughts on “1206 The New Austerity

  1. I recently got off a certain medication which, in addition to all kinds of horrible side affects like sleeping constantly and preferences for staring at walls, also had the benefit of contributing mightily to weighloss.

    Now, this was something I took for my Post-partum Depression, but it affected all of my drives in weird ways: sleep, sex, creativity, and appetite. Basically, I had none so I understandably lost weight.

    I’m off it now because I prefer normal, human-type living, but my appetite has come back with a vengence.

    This unnecessarily long comment basically comes down to this: I need to watch my calories, too. So, in short: HUZZAH!


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