Things I Love Thursday #5

  1. I seriously lose my shit at least once a day over Damn You Auto Correct!
  2. This week’s On the Media, which may have been the most fun On the Media yet.  I would like to specifically draw your attention to these two segments, the latter of which led me to Zero Views, another recent obsession:
  3. I’m in pretty good shape with both holiday shopping and crafting – most of the remaining purchases are necessarily last minute, and most of the remaining crafting could slide into January if necessary.
  4. I won free Chipotle lunch for my entire office (or for up to 30 people) by dropping a calling card – they’re not really business cards if they don’t come from your employer, right? – in a drawing last week.
  5. As a result, I keep thinking of this:
  6. M I Fivvvvvvve. What will happen to Ruth? If Ros has that thing implanted behind her ear, does that mean they can hear her in the bathroom? Will I blow through the remaining seasons by the end of the year?
  7. Getting caught up on Fringe.  I heart Walter Bishop and I hate fake Olivia.
  8. Oh so finally done with this issue of Vanity Fair, which inexplicably took me nearly an entire month to read.

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