Photo by John Zwinck

Frustrated by my lack of business cards and inspired by this post on what to wear to conferences, I spent about $10 at Vistaprint, which included 250 cards with my personal contact information and URLs, a card case, and shipping.  I don’t have many occasions when I need a business card, but now I’m prepared for those times when I really DO need to give out my information and don’t want to have to scribble it on something easily misplaced like a receipt or a name badge.

Well, that $10 paid off today when a card dropped in one of those fishbowl drawings won me FREE CHIPOTLE FOR UP TO 30 PEOPLE.

That’s right.  Free.  For up to 30 people.  My office has 20 full time staff members, so that’s how many lunches we’ll be getting next Tuesday.  If everyone gets a burrito, that means that my 25c business card bought at least $119 worth of food.  Now that’s what I call a good investment.


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