1121 Leftover Galettes

A quiet and laid-back day today. We slept in, then went to Comet for cappuccinos and a shared raspberry-almond pastry. Shane took advantage of the nice weather and unstructured time to do assorted moped errands and projects. I ran, then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch with knitting and MI-5.

Neither of us were particularly hungry for most of the day – a side effect of last night’s dinner – so instead of making something new for dinner, we made the most of fantastic leftovers by using them to fill buckwheat galettes. I wanted to try this recipe months ago, but while I got around to buying the buckwheat flour, I didn’t get to making the galettes until today. The main reason? You have to make the batter an hour or two in advance. That’s really not a good reason, but it’s the best excuse I’ve got. Regardless, they turned out to be an excellent vehicle for such luxurious leftovers as thin slices of Broadbent ham with minced stuffed mushrooms or pumpkin risotto. I’m not sold on the galette recipe – I think I’d prefer a little less buckwheat – but I am sold on this dinner.

Breton galette and cider
Photo by Anina2007

Buckwheat Galettes from Simmer Down!


0 thoughts on “1121 Leftover Galettes

  1. Okay so wait. What’s the difference between galettes and crepes? What kind of a taste does buckwheat give to these that you don’t get with whole wheat flour, or with regular white bleached flour?


  2. If I may… 🙂
    Traditionally speaking, buckwheat galettes are for savory fillings and the crepes (white flour only) are used for sweet fillings. However the word “crepe” can be used when referring to a savory galette, they’re pretty interchangeable. As far as flavor, the buckwheat is very earthy and nutty. E, I was going to mention to you, if you want a lighter taste you can mix white flour and buckwheat in any proportion you want. I’d start with half and half and see how you like it.

    As far as whole wheat, I’ve never used it for crepes/ galettes so I can’t say what the result would be. Interesting side note though, buckwheat is actually not wheat, but a type of berry.


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