That’s how much I had left in my checking account before payday.  Usually it’s much lower than that – and I had cash in my wallet and extra funds in my Paypal account besides!

It’s probably – OK, definitely – not a desirable thing to have such a low balance in my checking account.  In this era of online and mobile banking, however, I could transfer money from another account in literally seconds from anywhere.  My accounts at two different banks are linked, and I have a Paypal debit card that can draw on either of them.  It’s kind of amazing, if you think about it, especially as I recall all too clearly the era of calling the bank and paying $3 to transfer funds between accounts.  In fact, I wrote up thousands of such transfers and fees in my days in customer service.

Back to my $15.11.  I get paid every other week, and generally when I have extra money left over, it goes straight into savings.  This being the month before Christmas, however, it’s going to go towards holiday gifts.


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