1110 Tomukun Noodle Bar

A nice dinner out with friends tonight.  We hadn’t managed to connect with Juli and Dave since August – while we’ve been gone a fair amount, Juli travels even more often – so it was lovely to meet up over big bowls of steaming broth and noodles at Tomukun, a noodle bar just off of Central Campus.  I had lunch with Shana there in early June and have been dreaming of their butter corn ramen ever since – especially after Shane went with his mom during Art Fair and tried their pork buns.

Pork Buns, Tomukun, Ann Arbor
Photo by dianaschnuth

A whole season passed before we made it back to Tomukun, which is just a damned shame. We were both famished, having exercised after work and avoided any snacking so as to fully enjoy the bowls of wonderful ahead of us.  I feel like we might’ve been negligent dining companions, so focused were we on getting to the bottom of our bowls.  Shane had the pork buns and the duck ramen, which he enjoyed but not as much as the butter corn ramen, which inexplicably neither of us ordered.  I had the kitsune udon – literally “fox noodles” – and while I have no idea what foxes have to do with my dinner, I did thoroughly enjoy the sweet broth, fish cake, spongy fried tofu, and slurpy noodles.  We returned home full, happy, and warmed from the inside out.

Try it at home:
Momofuku Pork Buns from Momofuku for 2
Kitsune udon from Epicurious


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