Things I Love Thursday #4

  • The Naked and FamousPassive Me, Aggressive You – so into this album right now!
  • Also The Morning BendersBig Echo, which is sort of Bonnaroo-y but generally good background music for GTD.
  • 20 minutes on the fluid trainer on Sunday resulted in jelly legs and two days of soreness.  These are good things.
  • The THIRD Kindle case I knit and felted actually quite close to perfect.  One more go and I think I’ll be able to share the pattern, which I modified from a laptop case I found on Ravelry.
  • Kitsune Udon from Tomukun for dinner last night with Juli and Dave.  Sweet and savory, fragrant and filling.  I wish Tomukun were closer to my office so that I could get there more often than every 4-5 months.
  • A brief respite from the onset of winter weather means I was able to run! in shorts! yesterday.  And my knee cooperated!
  • FINALLY ALMOST DONE with the “holiday” knitting for Shane’s non-holiday family.  The last project will be out the door tonight, and then I can tackle my actual holiday knitting.

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