1104 Healthier Fast Food

Tonight I had an intense craving for – something. I didn’t know what, though, except that it didn’t exist in my kitchen.  It wasn’t a frozen pizza or a sweet potato or something bad for me.  I maybe wanted a burger? but I didn’t want to spend $10 on one, nor did I want a greasy-gross fast food burger.

This waffling continued for upwards of an hour as I looked through my Yelp bookmarks and chatted with Jackie about how we were both hungry but didn’t want to make or order something for our lonesomes.  If I’d been in Alexandria, we would’ve ordered a pizza from Monterey and then hung out with Harper all evening.

Photo by JackiePants

Instead, I ordered Chipotle: a burrito “bowl” with rice, sauteed veggies, green salsa, shredded cheese, and oh so good carnitas. Chipotle prides itself on the freshness and quality of their ingredients – especially the pork – so while I know it isn’t the best or most local choice, it does still feel like a responsible and delicious one. And I was super happy with my meal, which is half the battle these days.


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