1102 Grumpy Dinner

Today was about 50% great, 50% totally frustrating.  I’ve chronicled the majority of the events already, so I won’t bore you with them again – it was just a day full of foot-stamping frustration.  Nothing serious, nothing life threatening, and nothing that a good meal and a good vent couldn’t mostly fix, though.  A good hug would’ve helped a lot as well, but alas, Shane was en route to Philadelphia, dealing with his own travel and conference-related frustrations.  I took a break from stomping my feet and getting covered in bicycle grease to run up to Plum Market for takeout – a few crisp and flavorful baked chicken tenders, a scoop of macaroni and cheese, and two onion rings fused together with batter.  Not the most nutritious of meals, but what I needed tonight.


0 thoughts on “1102 Grumpy Dinner

  1. Chicken tenders are such comfort food for me, too. I’ve been having a kind of frustrating day today – my boyfriend discovered evidence of a mouse in our kitchen this morning, I’m having slight lingering random knee pain, plus I had a few work headaches to deal with (I simultaneously love/am frustrated by the process of unravelling other people’s “so, there’s this problem” emails into “well, no, there are four different problems that you’re conflating: here they are”). But my mood picked up substantially after a lunch of chicken tenders + honey mustard sauce and a Magner’s cider in a cozy pub, with a fun/fluffy book for company.


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