Things I Did Today

In roughly chronological order:

  1. Did not eat breakfast at home and so arrived at work at 7:30 ravenous.
  2. Devoured the 2nd half of my Monday $5 footlong for breakfast.
  3. And then chased it with a fantastic toasted coconut donut from Looney Baker courtesy of a coworker.
  4. Photoshopped Roxy onto a laser background.
  5. Read about all of the candidates in the elections in which I had a say, even the candidates who were just interested in being excellent and/or SAVING THE CHILDREN.  (Note: I support these things, but you need a more substantial platform to get my vote.)
  6. Got coffee with Shane.
  7. Rocked the vote and resolved to rock as many other things as possible for the rest of the day.
  8. Found Shane’s Kindle, which I had hidden away in the box of presents, just in time to drive him to the airport.
  9. Checked out the pretty amazing Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop and scored some cheap argyle for #argylethursday.
  10. Ate a taco, thus observing Taco Tuesday, though not in the designated location.
  11. Figured out that the thermostat – while old and janky – does work.  We just hadn’t turned the heat up high enough for it to regularly kick in.  65 feels soooo much better than 60ish.
  12. Finished The Red Queen with a warm Mina on my lap.
  13. Attempted to put together the cycling trainer.  No assembly required!
  14. Attempted to attach my bike to the trainer.  Failed due to my lack of quick release wheels.
  15. Attached Shane’s bike to the trainer.  Got very greasy.
  16. Attempted to inflate Shane’s tires.  Failed.  Cried a few hot tears of frustration.
  17. Chatted with Shane, stuck in the Orlando airport en route to Philadelphia.
  18. Picked up dinner and half-priced baked goods from Plum Market.  Mmm inexpensive Zingerman’s marshmallows.
  19. Got a pep talk from Abigail and also determined that AC Slater isn’t as tough as he lets on.
  20. Successfully inflated Shane’s tires.  Attempted and failed at removing pedals, so attempted to ride using Shane’s shoes.  Sort of hilarious but successful!

Evening project


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