1029 Eat Fresh (again)

Remember what I said about Thursdays? It might be Friday, but tonight was very much like a Thursday night for us.

Shane has a very busy weekend ahead of him: tonight’s the first session in the Beer Judge Certification Program, and then tomorrow he’s off to Springfield, Ohio, for the day to watch his brother O R I N in his first power-lifting competition.  Between work and BJCP, he had to run around getting the oil changed and filling up the gas tank, so there were few options other than a fast food dinner.

My evening and weekend plans are much more low-key, so I’d planned on making dinner but took little convincing when Shane offered to pick up a sandwich for me on his way home. While I waited for him to return from his errands, I raked up a giant leaf pile:

Cool Giant Leaf Pile U Guys

That’s about half the front yard, plus all the leaves that have accumulated in our quarter of the driveway so far this fall.  I’m tempted to email this photo to my landlord to see if it’ll help expedite the leaf removal, which is not our responsibility.  I am, however, pretty proud of the pile and of the raking blister that did not get in the way of my plan to knit the rest of the evening.


0 thoughts on “1029 Eat Fresh (again)

  1. That is a massive pile of leaves. I was always so jealous when I was a kid, of American kids and their piles of leaves they got to jump in – well, thats what they did in the Baby Sitters Club books. Why dont we have deciduous trees in Australia? Is it something to do with the climate? Must be. I’ll find out.


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