1023 Afternoon in Detroit

I feel like I just want to show you pictures of our afternoon in Detroit with Laurie. I’m not sure if I have the words to capture the things we saw. First, the Fisher Building – we were headed to the knitting store, but were absolutely stunned by the interior of this Art Deco building.

Fisher Building Interiors

Fisher Building Interiors

And then The Heidelberg Project, two blocks of strange and unsettling urban art, made more unsettling by the overcast day and the contrast between the bizarre and the commonplace: a child riding her bike by a tree where a bike is mounted, for example.


Faces in the Hood

Black Squirrel

What could we do from there that might be more strange and wonderful? We tried to get dinner at Slows – a foolish idea any weekend, but much worse the weekend after it was profiled in the New York Times. Laurie’s friend had suggested Woodbridge Pub, so we headed there – confirming our suspicions that everything in Detroit is 2 miles away – and had an enjoyable dinner at what felt very much like a neighborhood restaurant – and will likely be one of our go-to spots for future trips to Detroit. I’m really glad that Laurie’s visit provided us with a very good excuse to see and try a number of new things!


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