1019 Taco Tuesday? Taco Tuesday.

At some point this afternoon, Matt and Shannon both tweeted about TACO TUESDAY.  I don’t know if their tweets put the seed of Taco Tuesday in Shane’s head, but by the time he finished his workout, he had a mad craving for tacos al pastor.

Tacos al pastor con cilantro y cebolla
Photo by Dave77459

So back to Sabor Latino for another sub-$20 meal – 3 tacos for me, 4 for Shane (plus a bonus unwanted fish taco), and 2.5 (free) orders of sweet-hot salsa over crispy chips. I would say that we’re going to go broke if this Taco Tuesday habit keeps up, but while I’m interested in making tacos al pastor at home, I suspect we’ll be back for another Taco Tuesday soon. Like maybe next Tuesday.


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