1008 Not A Good Day

Depressing day
Photo by Mark Grealish

It’s no secret that I’m not particularly happy in my current job.  It’s a fine job, and I’m thankful to have it, but it’s been more than a year since I was in a position that challenged me professionally – and even longer since I’ve been involved with work that I found genuinely engaging. Most days I put in my 9-5 (or, more accurately, 7:30-3:30) in a haze of boredom, occasionally punctuated by a few hours of things to do. Today that haze of boredom – coupled with the complete lack of INSIDE VOICES in my office – really got to me, and even a walk home in exquisite weather couldn’t fix it.

I was in no mood to go out after work, so Shane met a friend for happy hour, and I wallowed in my misery at home. The meal that I ate couldn’t even loosely be defined as dinner, but the time frame was right. So, let the record show that I ate celery sticks, an orange pepper, M&Ms, and sour cream & onion bunnies.


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