1006 Routine

On a normal day, I get home between 4-4:30.  I feed the cats, check the mail, chill out for a bit, and then start dinner so that we can eat around 5:30.  On a similarly regimented note, I generally plan meals Friday night or Saturday morning in advance of our weekend errands – farmers’ market, grocery store, garden.  If something happens to disrupt this schedule, we often end up with an unplanned snack dinners or some sort of unfortunate take out.

With no planned meals this week, it’s not surprising that tonight featured a round of Oh God What Do We Want To Eat, especially since neither of us were hungry after work. We came home, kicked around the house for an hour or so, and then found ourselves suddenly and ferociously hungry. Fortunately Shane was quick on the draw: pizza! And double fortunately, we stocked up at Trader Joe’s earlier in the week, and so could pop a Tarte d’Alsace in the toaster oven while quickly sauteing spinach and garlic for an iron-rich side.  In under 20 minutes, we had a great little meal on the table.  Sometimes a break with routine can be a good thing.


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