0915 Post-Run Pizza

I think I’ve finally figured out the necessary components of a successful run home from work.  I have a tiny running vest that holds my wallet, phone, keys, and (sometimes) coffee mug.  I have a couple of route options that work out to 2-2.5 miles.  If I run til I hit Dexter Ave, I can cool down for the last .25 mile, arriving home pink in the face but not totally out of breath.  It’s taken me a few months of trial and error, but I think this is going to work.

Shane has recently started running with me, so tonight was our first joint run home from work.  I’m really proud of him – and a little jealous – for how easily he’s gotten back into it.  I hope that he’ll keep it up and keep me motivated to run further and faster, as I’ve been content to just run after a spring full of injuries and a very hot summer.  Tonight we ran up Madison, down Seventh, up Liberty, down Crest, and when I stopped for my cool down after 2.5 miles, Shane kept running all the way up to our house.

Apparently we used up all of our motivation for healthy living on that run, though, as neither of us felt like cooking.  Instead, we ordered a pizza, which Shane picked up while out shopping for new minimalist running shoes.  No guilt, right?


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