I’m officially sick with whatever zombie bug Shane brought back from Vienna.  I’m not a zombie in the brain-eating sense or in the Fela Kuti song sense, more in the shuffling around mumbling because my brain isn’t functioning properly sense.  This resulted in some very interesting dream fragments:

  • I was reading Superman graphic novels.  But like, the old Superman, not the new Superman, even though neither my waking nor sleeping brain knows anything about it.  I also rolled down a big green hill.
  • Amy was selling antiques and crafts (though not anything fiber-related) at a swap meet and I was helping out, except that I didn’t know anything about what we were selling, including price or provenance.  This made it complicated when people asked for more wine.
  • We weren’t selling wine, but we did have an astounding array of small bottles of wines for the many people who were working at Amy’s booth.
  • A girl asked me about a person who was mentioned in some olde timey pamphlet that she found at the booth.  For some reason she had decided to do her research project about this person, even though she knew nothing about this person OR the project.  I asked lots of questions and felt like a real reference librarian.

Now it is 10am and I’ve bought two bottles of NyQuil and dropped a big chunk of honeycomb in my tea, so I need to attend to the waxy bits floating in my mug and also to the NyQuil and then to the inside of my eyelids.  I will report back if I have any additional interesting dreams.


0 thoughts on “Feverish

  1. hee! I’ve also been sick. I was just thinking that I don’t seem to get that sort of mindbending illness anymore, so no fever dreams for me.

    But anyway, I often have these half awake dreams where I’m like watching (?) a documentary on some famous person I know nothing about, and I’m always stunned upon waking that my mind would create out of whole cloth the life and times of, say, Bob Dylan or whoever. Very strange.


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