More Notes from My Unconscious

In one of my dreams last night, my parents had given us money as a wedding gift – a LOT of money.  Some of it was in olde timey currencies – like colorful pre-Euro Dutch money, but also money from when the states issued their own currencies – and some was US money in denominations that do not possibly exist – like the $1,000,000 bill.

In another dream, we were at Wonderland picking something up and they were super short-handed so I went behind the counter to ring something up, except that the counter was now the size of the entire old store, and in the back were racks and racks of stuff that someone was improbably climbing in the same way that I used to climb up to the top shelves to do inventory – one foot on one side of the aisle, the other foot on the other, back and forth up to the ceiling.  Not exactly OSHA-approved, but whatever.  The book I was trying to scan wasn’t scanning, and it had all of these labels on it, like the used textbooks that are stickered each time they’re resold.  I eventually got it to scan, but then I had a hell of a time gift-wrapping it. [1]

I’ve slept poorly since Shane left for Vienna on Friday, and maybe this is why!

[1] I’m sure the scanning part of the dream is lifted from reality – I picked up a few things at Target last night and the “new team member” had a hell of a time with her register and scanner.


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